AGS Health Automates and Expedites the Healthcare Financial Clearance Process with the Release of Intelligent Authorization

Posted in Press Releases on Tuesday, August 22, 2023.

AGS Health Automates and Expedites the Healthcare Financial Clearance Process with the Release of Intelligent Authorization

The newest addition to AGS Health’s modular AI Platform speeds eligibility and benefit determination by as much as 85% and delivers price estimates up to 80% faster than manual processes.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – August 22, 2023 – AGS Health, a leading provider of tech-enabled revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions and strategic growth partner to healthcare providers across the U.S., announced today the release of Intelligent Authorization, a single-source solution that automates and optimizes the financial clearance process and avoids prior authorization-related denials. Part of AGS Health’s AI Platform, Intelligent Authorization streamlines and expedites processes by up to 90% through a variety of configurable automation solutions that improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the patient experience.

“Half of all denials can be traced back to prior authorization and other front-end revenue cycle issues, jeopardizing provider organizations’ financial health and negatively impacting the patient experience by limiting transparency and delaying access to care,” said Matt Bridge, Senior Vice President of RCM Services, AGS Health. “Intelligent Authorization addresses the underlying issues causing prior authorization-related denials while streamlining and accelerating financial clearance processes. Customers report doubling production volumes and tripling the number of days in advance their patient access teams can secure authorizations, which in turn expedites appointments to better support patient needs and fill open time slots – resulting in improved revenue growth and an enhanced patient financial experience.”

A platform-agnostic solution, Intelligent Authorization prevents denials, reduces aged A/R, improves net revenue reimbursements, and increases clean claim rates across a variety of specialties, including radiology, oncology, occupational and physical therapy, surgery, and infusion/diagnostics. Compared to manual processes, it enhances productivity and reduces the time required for financial clearance activities, delivering:

75%-85% faster eligibility and benefit determinations

85%-90% improvement in authorization determination time

65%-80% less time spent on authorization initiations

75%-85% shorter authorization follow-up times

Up to 80% faster price estimations

Intelligent Authorization achieves these outcomes by automating eligibility and benefits determination processes, including order entries, scheduling, rescheduling, and monthly and annual re-verification processes. It automates authorization status via robotic process automation (RPA) and generates good faith estimates based on the fee schedule and embedded payer- and client-specific rules, which are then transferred back to the EMR. Finally, Intelligent Authorization offers insightful and actionable analytics including self-service reports, customized dashboards, and flexible data management that enables users to view insights across different dimensions, create action plans, and make decisions faster.

“Smart workflow tools feature fast, flexible data transfers to the EMR through HL7, simplified task management and automated case assignment, and enhanced document management and accessibility, all of which come together in Intelligent Authorization to eliminate financial clearance issues created by error-prone, time-consuming manual processes,” said Suhas Nair, Director of Product Management, AGS Health. “By leveraging the latest advances in RPA and AI technologies, Intelligent Automation helps healthcare organizations implement the tools needed to strengthen their financial footing and better service their patients.”

About AGS Health

AGS Health is more than a revenue cycle management company – we’re a strategic partner for growth. With expert services complemented by AI-enabled technologies and high-touch support, AGS Health is the premier revenue cycle partner for leading health systems, physician groups, and academic medical centers in the U.S. With expert insight into modern revenue cycle practices, the company pairs cutting-edge technology with college-educated, trained RCM experts to help customers achieve a high-performance revenue cycle to optimize workflows, maintain compliance, and prevent revenue leakage. AGS Health employs nearly 12,000 team members globally and partners with more than 140 customers across a variety of care settings, specialties, and billing systems.

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