Wolters Kluwer Health Congratulates Recipients of the 2010 Facts & Comparisons® Award of Excellence in Clinical Communications

Posted in Press Releases on Monday, August 16, 2010.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN –Aug. 16, 2010 – Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading global provider of informationfor healthcare professionals and students, has announced the recipients of its2010 Facts & Comparisons Award of Excellence in Clinical Communications. Theawards were given to more than 80 graduating students of leading pharmacyschools that include the University ofNorth Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Minnesotaand Ohio State University,all ranked among the top five pharmacy schools and colleges by U.S. News and World Report.

The annual Award of Excellence in Clinical Communicationswas established by Wolters Kluwer Health to recognize Pharm.D. students whohave demonstrated first-rate practice and have excelled in quality clinicalcommunication. This year's recipients, who are selected by each participatingU.S.-based school of pharmacy, also possess superior verbal and writtencommunication skills, are 2010 Pharm.D. graduates and rank in the top 25% oftheir graduating classes.

"Recipients of the Facts &Comparisons Award of Excellence in Clinical Communications represent many of thenation's best and brightest pharmacy students and the future of theprofession," said Arvind Subramanian,President and CEO, Wolters Kluwer Health Clinical Solutions. "Wolters KluwerHealth is pleased to recognize their achievements and provide them with the druginformation tools and resources that will help them begin their careers providingtop-quality patient care in any setting."

Said Mary Ann Kirkpatrick, AssociateDean for Student Affairs at Shenandoah University, "As faculty,one of our goals is to help students develop into competent practitioners whohave excellent verbal and written communication skills.  The Facts &Comparisons Award of Excellence in Clinical Communications allows us torecognize a student who has shown great promise in these areas and is ready tobecome the best, most competent practitioner possible."

Facts& Comparisons eAnswers provides retail pharmacies and academia withonline access to the most up-to-date drug information tailored to their uniqueneeds, enabling better therapeutic decisions in less time. For the academiccommunity, it provides students, residents and faculty with instant access toreliable, current drug information and medication management tools. Helpfullinks and other information are also available to help meet course and drugreference needs.

Forpharmacies, Facts & Comparisons eAnswers addresses the key pain points ofworkflow efficiency and patient safety by providing the tools and informationneeded to support drug dispensing activities. These include patient safety screeningsfor Drug Utilization Review and drug reference information, which result in adecrease in drug dispensing errors.

Awardsubmissions are accepted from U.S.-based schools of pharmacy on a yearly basis,starting in late February and continue through June. Winners receive a three-year subscription to Facts& Comparisons eAnswers and three Facts & Comparisons® bound referencetitles: Drug Facts and Comparisons Pocket, ImmunoFacts, and Drug Interaction Facts.

"TheFacts & Comparisons Award of Excellence in Clinical Communications allowsus to recognize a student who has performed well above others in the provisionof patient care," said Renae Chesnut, Associate Deanfor Academic and Student Affairs at Drake University. "In atime when many organizations are decreasing their support for schools, weappreciate Wolters Kluwer Health's commitment and support of our collegethrough this award."

List of award recipients and schools:

Award Recipient                         Pharmacy School

Zonker K. White                          Albany College of Pharmacy

Natasha D. Combs                   Appalachian College of Pharmacy

Alison O. Baker                          Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy

Cortney Hindahl                         Butler University

Dennis Wisneski                       Campbell University

Colleen Czerniak                       Creighton University

Elizabeth O'Brien                       Drake University

Giavanna M. Russo                  Duquesne University

Amber Belle Pfister                   East Tennessee State University

Elizabeth Casselman               Ferris State University

Howell S. Goodman, Jr.           Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Nakia Beard                               Hampton University

Tatyana Duverglas                    Howard University

Kaylee C. Schultz                       Idaho State University

Jennifer L. Kilanowski-Chromik       Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM)

Cham Nguyen                            Loma Linda University

Dora Sosnowik                          Long Island University

Abigail L. Maxwell                      Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences-Boston

Lauren Lawler                            Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences-Worcester

Jancie Hatcher                           Mercer University

Sarah Szulc                                 Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy

Amanda Wozniak                       Midwestern University College of Pharmacy-Glendale

Brenna Kane                               North Dakota State University

Lauren C. Finlay                         Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Lisa Ferguson                            Nova Southeastern University

Joanna F. Marino                       Ohio Northern University

Kimberly Quade                         Ohio State University

Katie E. Luehrs                          Oregon State University

Kristin Diaz                                 Pacific University - Oregon

Mansi Patel                                Palm Beach Atlantic University

Laura S. Geswein                     Purdue University

Irina Pustovalova                       Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Amy Claire Nelson                    Samford University

Elyse Garman Fisher               Shenandoah University

Erika E. Tillery                            University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy

Dixie Stephens                           South Carolina College of Pharmacy

Jacob Hobbs                              South Dakota State University

Mitchell Lee                                 South University

Angela Stein                               Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Brian D. Hamburger                  Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Alex DeLucenay                          St. John Fisher College

Courtney Tam                             St. John's University

Edward Parhad                          Temple University

BaAimee Thi Nguyen                Texas A&M University Health Science Center

Regina Lynn Ramirez               Texas Southern University

Casey Faye Henderson           Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Julie A. McIndoo                        The University of Arizona

Danyel Adams                           The University of Connecticut

Jennifer Taggart                        University at Buffalo

Courtney L. Fowler                    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Joy A. Cunningham                  University of Cincinnati

Kelley Dawn Carlstrom           University of Colorado at Denver & Health Sciences

Jenny M. Mason                        University of Findlay

David Joeckel                            University of Florida

Leigh Anne Dye                         University of Georgia

Elisabeth Napierkowski          University of Houston

Kelsey Bohling                          University of Iowa

Emily Prohaska                         University of Kansas

Jennifer Gossett                        University of Kentucky

Mandy Renee Fillingame        University of Louisiana at Monroe

Denise Fu                                  University of Maryland

Mollie A. Kempa                        University of Michigan

Katherine Hines                        University of Minnesota

Margaret Evelyn Kucera           University of Nebraska Medical Center

Antonia Weinstein                     University of New Mexico

Jamie Lin Jurkiewicz                University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Julie Nix                                      University of Oklahoma

Jennifer L. Melichar                  University of Pittsburgh

Christopher Federico               University of Rhode Island

Jennifer Mendoza Guanio       University of Southern Nevada

Sarah Elizabeth Mizne             University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Diana A. Trinh                           University of the Incarnate Word

Brandy Ann Kehrer                   University of the Pacific

Jennifer Cavone                       University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Whitney N. Bennet                   University of Toledo

Emily Warnock Goldman        University of Utah

Sarah Lurtz Wallick                  University of Washington

Ted Grabarczyk                        University of Wisconsin

Aislinn McBeth                          University of Wyoming

Andy M. Belzer                          Washington State University

Courtney Scanlon                   Wayne State University

Marissa K. Poorman              West Virginia University

Kevin Brittain                           Wilkes University

Nicole Hery                               Xavier University of Louisiana

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