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NPC Creative Services specializes in providing strategic public relations to health IT software and service organizations, ranging from small- and mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 corporations and professional trade associations.

Whether the need is for an agency to provide comprehensive public relations services or to support an in-house team, NPC has the industry expertise and connections necessary to get the job done right, on time and within budget.

Few agencies can match the level of expertise, industry understanding and personalized service NPC brings to its client relationships.


  • Profile of a Founder - Brad Bostic of hc1

    An exclusive Tech Tribune Q&A with Brad Bostic (co-founder, chairman, and CEO) of hc1, which was honored in our:

      2022 Best Tech Startups in Indianapolis

      2021 Best Tech Startups in Indiana

      2021 Best Tech Startups in Indianapolis

      2020 Best Tech Startups in Indiana

      2020 Best Tech Startups in Indianapolis

    The Tech Tribune»
  • Challenges Facing Senior Care in 2022

    The senior care industry has had to navigate tremendous challenges over the past year. From staffing shortages to the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 hasn’t been easy. While advancements like the COVID-19 vaccines have brought some relief to those challenges, the senior care industry will face many more challenges as we move into 2022.

    We reached out to experts in the senior care field to learn their predictions about the coming year.

    iAdvantage Senior Care»
  • 40% of Charges for COVID-19 Services Initially Ended in Claim Denials

    November 03, 2021 - Providers are having a difficult time billing for services related to COVID-19, with 40 precent of charges for coronavirus-related care initially winding up as claim denials in the first 10 months of 2021, according to a recent analysis of more than $100 billion worth of denials and $2.5 billion in audited claims.

    The analysis performed by healthcare technology company Hayes also found that 40 percent of professional outpatient audits for COVID-19 and 20 percent of hospital inpatient audits for COVID-19 failed.

    Revcycle Intellegance»

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