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NPC Creative Services specializes in providing strategic public relations to health IT software and service organizations, ranging from small- and mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 corporations and professional trade associations.

Whether the need is for an agency to provide comprehensive public relations services or to support an in-house team, NPC has the industry expertise and connections necessary to get the job done right, on time and within budget.

Few agencies can match the level of expertise, industry understanding and personalized service NPC brings to its client relationships.


  • Healthcare's Wellness Agenda: The art and science of nursing practice moves center stage

    The evolution of today’s care model from the traditional episodic/disease or “sick” care model to one of more sustainable value-based wellness, continues. The industry is currently building on the success of earlier strategies aimed at chronic disease management, taking performance to the next level by advancing wellness models to focus on early intervention to minimize the potential for disease onset.


  • Carrot Health and Deft Research Announce Joint Service Offering

    MINNEAPOLIS – January 28, 2020 – Carrot Health, a leading provider of healthcare solutions powered by consumer data, and Deft Research, a leading market research and insights company advising healthcare organizations on business operations, today announced a partnership to deliver integrated solutions to the health plan market. The new product, Survey Solutions, combines Deft’s primary research expertise and Carrot Health’s consumer data analytics to help drive health plan performance.

  • SDoH Raise Interesting Privacy Questions

    Industry discussions related to social determinants of health (SDoH) have moved to center stage as health care stakeholders recognize the impact these nonclinical factors have on clinical outcomes and costs. SDoH are providing new insights into environmental influences that can hinder or promote a patient’s ability to follow through with care plans and make healthful lifestyle choices. 


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