VirtualHealth Partners with Wellth to Drive Patient Adherence to Medications and Care Plans

Posted in Press Releases on Thursday, September 14, 2017.

VirtualHealth, the leading provider of population health and care management technologies, announced today its partnership with Wellth, a digital health company offering incentive-based behavioral change programs, to improve patient adherence to medications and care plans. The collaboration strengthens both organizations' missions to provide impactful solutions that help payers and providers succeed with value-based care by improving clinical outcomes and reducing costs associated with managing chronic conditions.

By integrating Wellth's incentive-based mobile technologies with VirtualHealth's award-winning value-based care platform, care teams can leverage the power of behavioral economics to improve patient adherence to prescribed therapies -- a primary obstacle to effective management of many chronic diseases. Wellth rewards patients each time they engage with its smartphone-based disease management app, enabling continuous monitoring of medication adherence and other key health activities. The data gathered by the Wellth app is then aggregated and analyzed in real time by the VirtualHealth platform, which alerts care teams to care gaps or exacerbation of a patient's condition so they can act before more costly interventions are required.

The VirtualHealth platform achieves a 360-degree view of patients to improve care and reduce expenditures for even the most complex populations by enabling care team collaboration with patients and supporting ongoing monitoring of medical and behavioral data. Recipient of the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award in Population Health Management, the highly-interoperable platform facilitates a seamless flow of data between previously siloed healthcare systems. Built-in provider and patient portals ensure collaboration and engagement among care teams and patients, while the user-friendly format allows providers to adjust rules, templates and settings. Finally, by embedding quality metrics into workflows, VirtualHealth also enables risk stratification, predictive modeling and custom reporting to ensure key growth and quality objectives are met and exceeded.

"Insight into the behavioral components of health, such as medication and care plan adherence, is essential to effectively manage chronic conditions at the individual and patient population levels," said VirtualHealth CEO Adam Sabloff. "Our partnership with Wellth better equips healthcare organizations with the comprehensive set of tools they need to achieve a proactive approach to care."

Wellth applies behavioral economics through scalable technology to achieve better patient adherence, engagement and health, while improving care manager efficiency so they can deliver more effective, higher touch care. Its programs also mitigate risk for health insurers and risk-bearing provider systems to reduce costs. The Wellth app reminds patients to take their medications, weigh themselves, test their glucose levels, or complete other condition-specific prescribed activities, as well as verify that they did so at the proper time, which triggers a financial reward. By addressing the most common chronic conditions, including heart failure, diabetes, COPD and asthma, with disease-specific behavioral change programs, Wellth's evidence-based approach can potentially reduce up to 40 percent of readmissions."

"Nearly half of adults in the United States live with a chronic disease, many of whom are non-compliant with medications, which contributes to nearly $300 billion in preventable costs," said Wellth CEO Matt Loper. "By combining Wellth's unique incentive-based app with VirtualHealth's robust platform and 360-degree patient view, this partnership is making significant inroads toward overcoming this challenge with innovative solutions that empower care teams and support patients' unique care needs."

About VirtualHealth

VirtualHealth provides the leading end-to-end population health and care management platform purpose-built for value-based care. Winner of the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award in Population Health Management VirtualHealth offers a vast range of functionalities, including care management, care coordination, interdisciplinary clinical workflows, EHR data aggregation, behavioral health management, broad spectrum telehealth, real-time and predictive analytics. VirtualHealth empowers managed care organizations to provide patients with a better quality of life and enhanced outcomes while maximizing efficiency, improving transparency and lowering costs. VirtualHealth is a member of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and an invited member of Healthcare Executive Group (HCEG). For more information, visit

About Wellth

Wellth is a digital health company that motivates care plan compliance using evidence-based incentive strategies from Behavioral Economics. Our mission is to make healthy choices easy choices. For people living with chronic disease and their healthcare providers, we improve clinical outcomes and decrease costs of care. Wellth operates on an outcomes-based pricing model, so that we are aligned with our customers and our users. We were recognized by the American Heart Association for our work by being named the 2016 AHA Health Tech company of the year, and we're advised by former CEOs of the American Diabetes Association and American College of Cardiology. To learn more, visit


Adam Sabloff, Founder and CEO

Photo Credit : Marcela Nowak

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