UpToDate Helps Kurashiki Central Hospital Deliver World-Class Healthcare, Medical Training

Posted in Press Releases on Thursday, June 19, 2014.

June 19, 2014 – Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading global provider of information for healthcare professionals and students, announced today that UpToDate® figures prominently in Kurashiki Central Hospital’s efforts to provide patients with world-class healthcare. The teaching hospital, which cares for 800,000 people in Japan’s western Okayama Prefecture district, also uses the evidence-based clinical decision support resource to advance training and development of its junior physicians.

“UpToDate content is written and arranged in a way that reflects how physicians think and practice,” said Dr. Toshio Fukuoka, MD, Chief Director of the Emergency and Critical Care Center, the Department of General Medicine, and Director of the Department of Research and Medical Education at Kurashiki Central Hospital. “With more than 10,000 clinical topics, UpToDate is one of the most useful resources for our physicians—not only for practicing but also for clinical case studies, research and presentations.”

Founded in 1923, the 1,161-bed Kurashiki Central Hospital treats an average of 1,085 inpatients and 2,719 outpatients daily. The hospital’s 449 physicians and 1,306 nurses rely on UpToDate to carry out its mission of providing safe, personalized and effective treatment for successful patient outcomes.

“We all understand that physicians need to see more patients in less time, however we are not going to compromise the quality of our patient care. So we require physicians to practice medicine based on evidence, ensuring we are providing high-quality care,” said Dr. Fukuoka. “With our management team’s full support for the adoption of clinical decision support resources such as UpToDate, our physicians can diagnose and treat their patients with the most comprehensive and updated medical knowledge.”

The response from doctors hospital-wide has been very positive. In a recent internal survey, 94% of physicians said UpToDate improves the quality of patient care and 86% report that it helps them find a clinical answer faster. With its comprehensive review of medical journals, UpToDate has proven to be a useful resource for easily finding graded recommendations, saving clinicians precious time while seeing patients.

“We are honored that UpToDate’s breadth and depth of clinical content is supporting Kurashiki Central Hospital’s guiding principle of providing integrated care for the whole person,” said Denise Basow, MD, Vice President/General Manager, UpToDate at Wolters Kluwer Health, Clinical Solutions. “Equipping doctors with clinical answers that are grounded in evidence is central to our mission of improving the quality and effectiveness of healthcare worldwide by improving clinical decisions at the point of care.”

To learn more about how UpToDate is making an impact at Kurashiki Central Hospital, read the complete customer profile by clicking here: http://www.uptodate.com/sites/default/files/cms-files/pdf/printed-materials/KCH_Profile.pdf.

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