OnlineMedEd and Dr. Najeeb Lectures Partner to Deliver Medical School's Most Comprehensive Video Library

Posted in Press Releases on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.

OnlineMedEd, a digital learning platform for healthcare students and professionals, announced today a strategic partnership with Dr. Najeeb Lectures, one of the world's most popular online educational resources for basic sciences. Leveraging the complementary content across OnlineMedEd and Dr. Najeeb Lectures ensures medical students will be better prepared for the rigors of both academic and clinical environments.

The partnership represents a significant expansion of OnlineMedEd's reach, enabling it to support medical students from the outset of their education through their first year of residency and board preparation. Now, by providing on-demand access to the educational resources and tools available on both Dr. Najeeb Lectures and OnlineMedEd, students can develop comprehensive understandings of complex concepts to meet and exceed classroom and clinical expectations.

"Dr. Najeeb is a bona fide titan in the medical community, both domestically and abroad. We're excited to align ourselves with another best-in-class company that shares our focus on changing the way medical education is approached and delivered," said OnlineMedEd Co-Founder and CEO Jamie Fitch.

Adds Dr. Dustyn Williams, M.D., OnlineMedEd Co-Founder and Lead Educator, "Combining the power and resources of Dr. Najeeb Lectures and OnlineMedEd amplifies our united mission of lowering the barrier to quality medical education worldwide. We look forward to collaborating on innovations to better train the next generation of physicians and health professionals."

With more than 70 hours of educational videos across 19 specialties, OnlineMedEd provides effective approaches to how medical education is delivered and learned. Students have access to impactful tools and critical information, such as on-demand lectures, notes and flashcards, to prepare for examinations and assessments. Utilized by 80% of medical students across 191 countries, these solutions enable students to retain more information in less time by reinforcing concepts with concise and thorough explanations and examples.

While OnlineMedEd has traditionally focused on clinical medicine, Dr. Najeeb Lectures provides more than 700 interactive lectures across the basic sciences. Their videos have provided structured learning to millions of medical students for years via their mobile-friendly platform, which features new videos each week and includes the functionality to download and view content both online and offline.

"Online education platforms that incorporate teaching methods for all learning styles facilitate improved retention rates and enhanced outcomes," said Dr. Najeeb, Founder of Dr. Najeeb Lectures. "OnlineMedEd's commitment to quality education aligns with our mission to ensure students master essential concepts that support ongoing medical education and career advancement."

Adds Zeeshan Najeeb, CEO of Dr. Najeeb Lectures, "We're proud to have hundreds of thousands of members watching our videos from all corners of the world. We're genuinely excited that we can now offer them a quality path to continue their medical education as they move into their clinical years."

About OnlineMedEd
OnlineMedEd is a digital medical education firm whose mission is to change how medical education is approached, delivered by medical schools and learned by medical students. Used by 80% of third-and fourth-year medical students in 191 countries, the OnlineMedEd clinical education platform is built around its proven four-step process that includes access to more than 400 pages of notes with diagrams, tables, tips and insight into topics (prime), over 70 hours of organized, high-yield content to prepare medical students for boards and clinical rotations (acquire), 1,200 board-style clinical vignettes that can be taken by topic or mix and match to prepare for the test (challenge) and 10,000+ flashcards to review and reinforce the most essential, high yield information (enforce). The peer-reviewed content is developed by physician educators and delivered in a way that makes learning faster, easier and more reliable by focusing only on content medical students must learn and providing the tools to improve retention, which frees them to spend their time using what they've learned to practice actual medicine. For more information, visit

About Dr. Najeeb Lectures
Trusted by 80% of Medical, Dentistry, Nursing & Pharmacy students in over 190 countries, Dr. Najeeb Lectures are the world's most popular medical lectures on Basic Medical Sciences. More than 10 million minutes of medical lectures are watched every month. Dr. Najeeb has been a passionate and well-regarded teacher of medical sciences for 26 years, but it was in 2010 that his son Zeeshan Najeeb helped bring his quality medical education online at an affordable price. Just a few years later, Dr. Najeeb Lectures has become a 25-employee company, with hundreds of thousands of members and over 2 million followers on Facebook, including 6,500+ reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Take a moment to watch one of Dr. Najeeb's sample lectures -- shot in front of a whiteboard on a Sony HXR-MC5ON and edited with Logic Pro Studio -- and you may wonder how he built such a large following without a marketing budget. The answer lies in the comprehensive content. For more information, visit

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