Novant Health Leverages Wolters Kluwer’s Lippincott Solutions to Establish Nursing Care Standards and Exceed Quality Benchmarks

Posted in Press Releases on Tuesday, October 02, 2018.

Novant Health Leverages Wolters Kluwer’s Lippincott Solutions to Establish Nursing Care Standards and Exceed Quality Benchmarks

October 2, 2018 – Wolters Kluwer, Health announced today that Novant Health is utilizing the Lippincott® Solutions suite to advance its wide-ranging quality improvement initiatives focused on standardizing care across 15 acute care hospitals and medical centers in four U.S. states. By equipping nurses with readily available evidence-based decision support and clinical education resources, Lippincott Solutions plays an important role in helping Novant Health facilities maintain Magnet Recognition®.


Novant Health relies on Lippincott Solutions to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving healthcare environment by continually driving improvements in quality and core metrics. In particular, the suite of solutions has helped Novant Health overcome issues that contributed to unwanted variations in care – a challenge with 26,000 caregivers and 6,000 nurses in the organization treating patients.


“We have many nursing-sensitive indicators that are very important to our outcomes. When we have care variation, we aren’t meeting our metrics. A single reference allows us to standardize what we do,” says Daria Kring, Director, Clinical Education for Novant Health. “Lippincott Solutions ensures that our nurses are all using the same platform and tools and allows us to be more consistent in the delivery of care. It’s our single source of clinical truth, which leads to better quality and a better patient experience.”


Novant Health deployed the full suite of Lippincott Solutions, including Lippincott® Procedures, a web-based collection of guides to more than 1,700 procedures, and Lippincott® Advisor, which consists of over 17,000 online, evidence-based clinical monographs. Novant Health also utilizes Lippincott Professional Development Collection, an online clinical education and competency validation solution with more than 370 online courses—most accredited for continuing education (CE)—and a series of courses co-developed with Joint Commission Resources. Lippincott Blended Learning offers Novant Health nursing education teams an online library of customizable lesson plans supporting instructor-led training and a flipped classroom environment.


“Bringing consistency to nursing care positively impacts not only quality metrics, but also drives down costs associated with patient care, nurse onboarding and professional development through CE,” said Cathy Wolfe, President and CEO, Health Learning, Research and Practice at Wolters Kluwer. “We are dedicated to helping Novant Health achieve its mission of delivering a remarkable patient experience using current evidence-based best practices with trusted information resources to enable nurses and nurse educators to drive standardization of processes and procedures.”


“Our nurses have relied on Lippincott’s Professional Development resources almost 21,000 times since March of 2017 to build competencies and further their education. If our nurses had to go and purchase those modules on their own, that’s a half a million dollars that we’ve saved our team members. Now, they have the information at their fingertips, when they want it,” said Tracey Whitley, Clinical Practice Specialist at Novant Health.


According to Whitley, these resources have become integral to maintaining Magnet status at Novant Health facilities, a distinction achieved by only 9 percent of U.S. healthcare organizations and seen as the gold standard of nursing excellence by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.


Watch the video to learn about Novant Health’s journey to improve its nursing processes and standards. For more information, download a case study on Novant Health’s use of Lippincott Solutions here.



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