KG Health Partners Unveils Data-Driven Instructional Series to Enhance LTC Facilities’ Performance on Quality Metrics Influenced by Podiatric and Wound Care

Posted in Press Releases on Wednesday, August 24, 2016.

KG Health Partners, Inc. (KGHP), a leading mobile podiatric care provider serving Florida’s long-term care (LTC) facilities as a partner in the care continuum, introduced its Safety & Risk Prevention (S&RP) Process Improvement Plan (PIP) during the Florida Health Care Association Nurse Leadership Program, which took place June 1-3 in St. Pete Beach, Fla. The innovative physician-designed training program helps facilities improve performance on quality metrics influenced by podiatric and wound care by leveraging Guardian Solutions’ Amplefi care coordination platform, patient-assessment data from the facility’s EHR and evidence-based best practices from Milliman Care Guidelines to monitor, identify and tailor solutions to close safety and risk prevention gaps.

S&RP PIP focuses on risk assessment, identification of fall risk and prevention of sentinel events. An intractable problem in LTC facilities, falls account for more than 700,000 senior hospitalizations annually and often have a lasting, detrimental effect on long-term health.

“Three quarters of all nursing facility residents fall at least once each year and an estimated 1,800 die from the resulting injuries. Among the survivors, 20 percent will suffer serious injury that often leads to hospitalization, functional declines and reduced quality of life,” said Dr. Barbara Freeman, M.D., FAAFP. “Prevention requires constant vigilance by a well-trained clinical team providing optimally coordinated care across the continuum, which is precisely what our PIP program is designed to achieve.”

Designed by KGHP clinical experts, S&RP PIP has a three-pronged approach to fall prevention that includes comprehensive patient fall risk assessment, facility-level physical plant safety assessments and staff training sessions focused on instruction for facility management and clinical staff about safety, fall risks, clinical risk assessments and best practices. Assessments are utilized to develop a care plan that meets resident and facility fall risk parameters. Patient data is then collected, aggregated and analyzed to identify changes that will lead to improved performance and reduction in errors across the care continuum, as well as to establish the clinical and physical baseline against which performance will be measured.

“The goal is to promote collaboration at all levels of the organization, fostering a culture of care coordination and educating leaders and staff regarding the effective participation in performance improvement activities,” said Dr. Mathew Westerfield, D.P.M., KGHP’s medical director. “All three facets of this program – PIP performance and safety assessment, care coordination and training – combine to create a cost-effective channel for educating and informing clinical staffs on best practices to improve care quality and residents’ quality of life.”

Upon completion of the assessments and establishment of baseline performance metrics, staff training and awareness tools are designed to address the unique needs of each facility. Curriculum is designed in consultation with the facility’s care team, medical director, resident physician and risk manager and includes the standards of care and targeted treatment modalities for fall prevention. Training takes place on-site during “lunch and learn” sessions. The format is designed to prevent significant workflow disruptions, encourage attendance and ensure maximum information retention.

“When adopting a new training program, it’s imperative that the course material doesn’t interfere with facilities’ day-to-day operations,” said Dr. Westerfield. “Our curriculum is designed to speed the adoption of best practices while ensuring the best interests of both residents and caregivers.”

About KG Health Partners, Inc.

KG Health Partners, Inc. is an industry-leading provider of mobile podiatric care, delivering focused, personalized treatment to its long-term care (LTC) residents throughout Florida since 1999. As a partner in the care continuum, KGHP works with LTC and other senior-living facilities to improve patient health and functionality with well-managed, preventive care. The company’s physicians conduct facility visits on a weekly or biweekly basis, supported by a dedicated KGHP scheduler and medical assistant who work closely with facility staff to manage podiatry appointments and mitigate disruption to the clinical workflow. To further support the care continuum, KGHP supplies nursing staff with in-service curriculum and specialized training to aid in the identification and management of lower-extremity conditions. For additional information, visit

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