KG Health Partners, Inc. Announces Partnership with ClinicAnywhere to Deploy HealthFusion’s MediTouch Software

Posted in Press Releases on Wednesday, August 24, 2016.

KG Health Partners, Inc. (KGHP), a leading mobile podiatric care provider serving Florida’s long-term care (LTC) facilities as a partner in the care continuum, today announced that it has partnered with ClinicAnywhere to deploy MediTouch® from HealthFusion® within its mobile podiatry practices. ClinicAnywhere, HealthFusion’s largest Platinum Partner, will also provide end-user training and ongoing support for KGHP practices using the cloud-based electronic health record and practice management (EHR/PM) software.

“Backed by HealthFusion’s extensive experience in the long-term care market and the unique expertise ClinicAnywhere has amassed during hundreds of deployments in 25 states, MediTouch is highly conducive to our innovative mobile podiatric care delivery model,” said KGHP President Rob Cash. “The flexibility and convenience of a customizable cloud-based platform and user-friendly interface tailored to the unique needs of podiatrists means MediTouch aligns seamlessly with clinical workflows. This, in turn, will drive improved outcomes, lower costs and lead to more personalized care while improving patient satisfaction.”

MediTouch is a customizable EHR/PM system with a module tailored specifically for podiatry and is the only EHR that is an American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Corporate Partner. It is Meaningful Use-certified and backed by live, U.S.-based customer service that is recognized by J.D. Power and Associates.  

“Our proven track record of hundreds of MediTouch deployments nationwide means we are in the best position to support KGHP with initial implementation and provide its podiatry partners with the ongoing training and support needed to maximize the company’s investment into the EHR/PM software,” said ClinicAnywhere CEO Mike Jones. “That level of specific MediTouch experience in both the mobile and long-term care environments creates a number of synergies between KGHP and ClinicAnywhere, making this partnership the perfect vehicle to achieve KGHP’s goals of delivering high-quality, evidence-based podiatric care to every LTC patient.”

About KG Health Partners, Inc.

KG Health Partners, Inc. is an industry-leading provider of mobile podiatric care, delivering focused, personalized treatment to its long-term care (LTC) residents throughout Florida since 1999. As a partner in the care continuum, KGHP works with LTC and other senior-living facilities to improve patient health and functionality with well-managed, preventive care. The company’s physicians conduct facility visits on a weekly or biweekly basis, supported by a dedicated KGHP scheduler and medical assistant who work closely with facility staff to manage podiatry appointments and mitigate disruption to the clinical workflow. To further support the care continuum, KGHP supplies nursing staff with in-service curriculum and specialized training to aid in the identification and management of lower-extremity conditions. For additional information, visit

About ClinicAnywhere®

ClinicAnywhere, LLC is based in Birmingham, AL and provides software and revenue cycle management (RCM) services to clients throughout the U.S. based exclusively on the Healthfusion MediTouch® platform.  For more information, visit

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