Chimes Deploys VirtualHealth Platform to Improve Care for Individuals with Developmental and Behavioral Disabilities

Posted in Press Releases on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

VirtualHealth, the leading SaaS platform for care management and population health, announced today that Chimes will deploy its nationally-recognized platform to bolster care for members with developmental and behavioral disabilities in the state of Delaware. Chimes will initially leverage VirtualHealth’s extensive capabilities--including multi-source data integration, clinical assessments, behavior tracking and real-time analytics--within its vocational day programs and then extend the offering to its residential services.

Vulnerable populations pose unique challenges and require tight care coordination that addresses all clinical, behavioral, and social determinants of health at the individual level. To achieve these objectives for Chimes, the VirtualHealth platform was configured to digitize the collection and reporting of targeted behaviors in real time—a workflow barrier that previously entailed manual, paper-based processes. At the push of a button, care managers can now record and track each occurrence and duration of challenging behaviors, improving data transparency and supporting optimal interventions.

“Behavior tracking is critical to optimal care management of individuals with intellectual and behavioral challenges. The VirtualHealth platform dramatically improves our ability to streamline workflows and proactively respond to members displaying high-risk behaviors,” said Dr. Lois Meszaros, Clinical Director, Chimes. “Our care managers especially appreciate the customizations provided for Chimes’ unique population and approach to care, and we look forward to expanding our partnership with VirtualHealth over time.”

The Chimes-VirtualHealth platform integration was designed with a simple visual layout for ease of use by facility staff. Care managers can track patients with increased mobility by using tablet computers and clinical directors can view up-to-the-minute reports with the click of a button.

“Vulnerable populations present significant hurdles from a population health perspective, and healthcare organizations require advanced tools and flexible infrastructures to effectively tackle these challenges,” said Adam Sabloff, founder and CEO, VirtualHealth. “Our partnership with Chimes aligns perfectly with VirtualHealth’s mission to improve the health of the country’s most challenging populations.”

About VirtualHealth

VirtualHealth is the first comprehensive platform purpose-built for integrated value-based care and is deployed by some of the most innovative plans in the country for the management of millions of members. Winner of the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award, VirtualHealth delivers to payer and provider organizations the integrated capabilities needed to achieve a 360-degree patient view, driving the outcomes improvements and cost reductions required in today’s value-based care environment. The platform streamlines person-centered care/case and disease management and drives appropriate resource utilization through interdisciplinary collaborative workflows, broad spectrum interoperability, patient engagement, and configurable analytics and reporting. VirtualHealth empowers healthcare organizations to achieve enhanced outcomes while maximizing efficiency, improving transparency, and lowering costs. For more information, please visit

About Chimes

Chimes was founded in 1947 as a school for five children with moderate intellectual disabilities whose parents rejected the then prevailing wisdom that their children would never achieve meaningful or productive lives. From those modest beginnings, Chimes has grown into one of the industry’s largest providers of services and supports for people with barriers to independent living. Today, Chimes Family Services offers a wide range of programming, including day habilitation, residential, educational, vocational, employment, and behavioral health services and supports for nearly 20,000 individuals annually in six Mid-Atlantic States. Chimes is also closely affiliated with Chimes Israel through Board representation, and assistance with program design and funding. Chimes distinguishes itself from other disability service providers through its unique emphasis on client centered, evidence-based program design.

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