Carilion Clinic Renews Contract with LogicStream Health

Posted in Press Releases on Wednesday, September 05, 2018.

Carilion Clinic Renews Contract with LogicStream Health

MINNEAPOLIS – September 5, 2018 – LogicStream Health announced today that Carilion Clinic has signed a three-year renewal for its leading clinical process improvement and control software. The self-service solution has allowed the health system’s clinical leaders to investigate and solve problems with clinical processes and streamline electronic health record (EHR) optimization efforts.


Able to deliver actionable insights in near-real time, the LogicStream Health software facilitates root-cause understanding and rapid decision-making for improving clinical processes and monitoring and controlling progress over time. To date, Carilion’s use of the LogicStream software has yielded significant improvements in care quality, patient safety and clinical efficiency, including:


  • 420 order sets with fewer than 25 uses per year identified and targeted for consolidation or retirement.
  • Unnecessary orders eliminated from order sets, making them easier and quicker for clinicians to use.
  • Case management documentation streamlined by eliminating ineffective questions.
  • Unnecessary content from nursing documentation eliminated, improving efficiency and minimizing the documentation burden on nursing staff.


“LogicStream Health’s software is an essential component of our clinical process improvement initiatives,” said Ashely Quick, Senior Project Consultant for Health Analytics at Carilion Clinic. “The platform lets us rapidly access highly-actionable insights into how well our processes are working and promotes data-driven decisions, allowing us to quickly and cost-effectively identify ineffective and obsolete content, such as orders, order sets, alerts and flowsheets, and eliminate them from our EHR. As a result, we’ve realized significant reductions in costs and improvements to quality measures.”


Added Quick, “We estimate that replicating our work over the past year by manually aggregating and analyzing data would have required a significant investment in direct costs and resources.”


Carilion Clinic has also identified future opportunities using LogicStream Health to monitor, manage and control the utilization of high-cost medications and lab tests that should remain limited to certain clinical situations.


“LogicStream and Carilion Clinic share a commitment to ensuring the delivery of highly-reliable quality care and enhancing patient safety,” said Patrick Yoder, LogicStream Health CEO and co-founder. “We are excited to continue our partnership with Carilion Clinic to offer powerful clinical process improvement and control solutions that transform healthcare delivery and truly improve outcomes.”



About LogicStream Health
LogicStream Health is trusted by a community of high-performing healthcare providers across the United States. The company’s clinical process control and improvement software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform stands alone in its ability to help customers gain instant insights to improve vital clinical processes and patient care. As a result, customers reduce cost and improve outcomes. Healthcare customers are saving millions of dollars with the LogicStream Health platform, for example, by reducing high-cost medications, achieving significant reductions in catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) and reaching nearly 100 percent compliance with venous thromboembolism (VTE) protocols. The LogicStream Health SaaS platform is ‘must-have’ technology enabling clinical teams to quickly improve clinical processes in near-real-time and is designed for rapid implementation and easy adoption by end-user clinicians, informaticists, data analysts and executive teams. LogicStream Health, developed by clinicians for clinicians, today is supporting hundreds of hospitals on a scalable and sustainable technology platform to standardize process and deliver highly reliable healthcare. For more information, please visit

About Carilion Clinic

Carilion Clinic is a tax-exempt health care organization headquartered in Roanoke, Va. Through its comprehensive network of hospitals, primary and specialty physician practices, and other complementary services, the health system works together to provide quality care close to home for nearly 1 million Virginians. With an enduring commitment to the health of our region, Carilion also seeks to advance care through medical education and research, help the community stay healthy and inspire the region to grow stronger. For more information, visit or


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