Balls Food Stores Leverage FDS Inc.’s eNGAGE and MyDataMart to Deliver High-Value Clinical Services, Maximize Pharmacy Operations

Posted in Press Releases on Friday, August 18, 2017.

From medication synchronization and medication therapy management (MTM) to a robust immunization program that includes yellow fever vaccinations, Balls Food Stores (BFS) has maximized clinical services and outcomes with the help of eNGAGE from FDS, Inc. (NACDS TSE Booth #2912) On the operations side, FDS’s myDataMart enables BFS to monitor and measure pharmacy performance to ensure each of its 21 locations is operating at peak efficiency for maximum profitability.

FDS, a pharmacy-centric healthcare technology company, will feature its eNGAGE patient management platform and myDataMart business intelligence tools in booth #2912 at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Total Store Expo (TSE), taking place August 19-22 in San Diego, Calif.

“Data drives pharmacy services in today’s patient-centric healthcare environment. But there is little value to even the most robust database if pharmacists cannot act upon the information promptly,” said Mike Halliwell, Director of Pharmacy & Whole Health, Balls Food Stores. “By integrating eNGAGE directly into the clinical workflow, pharmacists can access the real-time data needed to identify and close medication gaps and determine patients who would benefit from medication synchronization or other patient-focused services, thereby optimizing engagement and clinical outcomes.”

eNGAGE is an interactive platform for pharmacists and technicians to manage patient-focused activities and to meet the growing demands of Star Ratings, adherence, and pay-for-performance measures while strengthening patient relationships. With eNGAGE, pharmacists are empowered to create and manage medication synchronization plans easily, take advantage of additional revenue from MTM and immunization opportunities, and extend patient relationships with automated patient messaging by phone and text. The patient management platform also streamlines Star rating management.

BFS also utilizes myDataMart, a comprehensive business intelligence tool that enables a deeper understanding of performance across the chain and delivers insights to increase profits and enhance patient care. It features interactive dashboards and easy-to-use, customizable reports for monitoring a variety of performance metrics, including the most frequently dispensed medications and the best National Drug Codes (NDCs) for dispensing. Other metrics include the overall financial impact of each NDC on the pharmacy and fills returned to stock by patient or drug. myDataMart also tracks patients and helps identify questionable claims, and features compliance reports to identify Star Ratings and non-adherent patients.

“We expend a tremendous amount of energy and talent to help build non-dispensing functions to differentiate ourselves, such as our travel clinics and pharmacogenomics programs. As we integrate these programs with the dispensing side of the house, it is imperative that data not be siloed. That’s why it has been so important to have eNGAGE and myDataMart, to enable us to continue to evolve with the industry and our patient populations while maintaining our high standards of care,” said Halliwell.

“Retail pharmacies are challenged with maintaining quality and reducing costs while remaining competitive within today’s complex care and reimbursement models,” said Rich Bukovinsky, Executive Vice President of Business Development for FDS, Inc. “Success requires tools like eNGAGE and myDataMart that let them leverage the high volume of patient data that is flowing into pharmacies to accelerate the decisions and adjust operations to drive care quality and pharmacy profitability.”

To learn more about eNGAGE and MyDataMart, visit FDS in booth #2912 at NACDS TSE August 19-22.

About FDS, Inc.

Fort Worth-based FDS is a pharmacy-centric healthcare technology company dedicated to helping its customers succeed in today’s complex and multi-faceted healthcare ecosystem by leveraging the power of data and developing solutions that change the way healthcare is delivered, today and tomorrow. Its industry knowledge, technical expertise, and scalable, cloud-based platforms are utilized by thousands of customers to solve the many challenges pharmacies face each day, while its tools help improve profitability, streamline pharmacy workflow, and enhance clinical care and operational effectiveness. FDS solutions include automated medication synchronization services; business intelligence analytics and reporting; Star Ratings and Population Health Management; DME claims billing; third party reconciliation services and patient communication portals. For additional information or request a demonstration, please visit our website at: or call us at (877) 602-4179.

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