Amphion Medical Solutions Launches Triton Health Document Cloud™

Posted in Press Releases on Tuesday, August 28, 2012.

Innovative cloud-based solution provides hospitals with the flexibility needed to respond to evolving transcription needs

MADISON, Wis. – Aug. 28, 2012 – Amphion Medical Solutions, an innovative provider of transcription and coding technology and outsourcing services, announced today the launch of Triton Health Document Cloud™. The flexible cloud-based transcription solution helps hospitals maximize budgets and resources, in part by facilitating a seamless transition between in-house and outsourced services in response to evolving needs.

“Amphion understands the challenge hospitals face to continuously deliver superior transcription services despite rapidly changing dictation volumes,” said Mike Cavill, chairman and co-founder, Amphion Medical Solutions. “For years, Triton has been the platform across which Amphion delivered the transcription services that helped our clients achieve those quality outcomes. Now Triton is available to any hospital interested in leveraging the power of the cloud to reduce costs and better manage their in-house transcription resources.”

Triton Health Document Cloud integrates M*Modal’s advanced speech understanding and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to create the next generation of clinical documentation workflow. It improves productivity by providing organizations with multiple options: providing transcriptionists with highly accurate documents ready for editing or giving clinicians the option to dictate, review and electronically sign reports in one session or send partial dictations to the transcriptionist for completion.

Triton also provides hospitals with the flexibility to retain all transcription in-house or to seamlessly shift overflow or full services to Amphion’s experienced transcription team as needed. Further, Triton is based upon Amphion’s “right-sized” demand-based pricing model, which means hospitals pay only for the transcribed volumes produced. This reduces costs by aligning transcription expenses with actual utilization.

“The flexibility of the Triton platform streamlines our transcription processes, while the robust management console gives us the ability to easily track all transcription-related activities and quickly adjust to changes in volume,” said Nancy Cloutier, HIM director of Boston-based Hallmark Health System. “Triton has helped us accelerate turnaround times, increase efficiencies and save time and money. It is unlike anything we have ever experienced before.”

Its robust speech understanding capabilities mean Triton is positioned to help hospitals meet proposed Stage 2 Meaningful Use criteria by translating physician dictation into searchable, structured information. Narrative clinical data, including diagnostic, procedural, medication and allergy information, is indexed and encoded for download into the hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) system, while Triton’s NLP capabilities transform narrative dictation into standardized, structured and codified HL7-compliant CDA output.

The Triton platform integrates easily with admission-discharge-transfer (ADT) and EHR systems and can be deployed by department or enterprise-wide. Finally, because Triton is cloud-based, no upfront investment in hardware or software is required and ongoing maintenance costs are eliminated.

About Amphion Medical Solutions

Founded in 2001, Amphion Medical Solutions ( delivers complete outsourcing services and solutions to meet healthcare clients’ transcription, coding and technology needs. With extensive healthcare expertise and leading-edge technology, Amphion leverages the proven benefits of transcription and coding outsourcing and provides organizations with the technology they need to manage an in-house transcription team. Featured products include Triton, a voice-recognition transcription platform, and Themis, a remote coding solution.

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